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27 March 2019
5 stars are seriously not enough for this gut-wrenching, heart-stopping emotional roller coaster of a story but I'll be honest it was that good I'm not sure there are enough stars in the universe to do it justice.

Wow, seriously I am blubbering from the first chapter and even though I knew it was coming it's still damn hard to read, 14 books in and this series is like family, every character holds a special place in my heart and Skip Holland was the glue that held everything and everyone together, now it's going to be up to Nick to step up and become the glue or I'm worried this gorgeous family may crumble.
This book was so hard to read as news spread about Skip each and every person affected by his passing were so devastated, but I just had to keep reading one, this was for Skip who is one of the most memorable characters I've had the utmost pleasure to read and two I needed justice, we all need justice for Skip, so no matter how many tears fell, no matter the tissues strewn all over my desk I couldn't look away, my heart was breaking over and over but I had to keep reading Skip Holland deserved everyone to be completely enthralled in this book.

That was the most epically, emotional, amazing story I've read so far this year, as an avid fan of Marie Force and especially her Fatal series I knew this one would be gut-wrenching I wasn't fully prepared for the shocking twists, I had wondered about some but not the full extent of the Sh.t Show that unfolded.
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