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Customer Review

17 May 2018
Along with some many of Meghan Quinn’s fans, I have been impatiently waiting for Hayden Holmes’ story since his introduction in Twisted Twosome. Having to not only have him taunt us in Three Blind Dates but make an appearance in Back in the Game as well - this story has been a LONG time coming. But I can safely say it has been worth the wait. 

What makes this story so special is the fact is actually spans across the books I mentioned above - there’s no flashbacks or chapters set in the past, we live the story in real time as Hayden and Adalyn experience it. And I loved this (even if it took me a couple of chapters to release that’s how it was happening) because I felt like I got to know every single thing about this couple and that made it a story I could barely put down. Hayden and Adayln meet at Racer’s house and the connection, the attraction, the chemistry is electric! But Hayden doesn’t want to rush what he hopes to be his first real relationship and so he takes the long road, getting to know Adalyn and O M G this makes Hayden one of the most swoon worthy characters EVER!!

There’s a lot that happens in this story that I won’t mention because it will spoil it. Yes the title is “One Baby Daddy” so it’s pretty clear what happens but even so I don’t want to spoil the whats, hows and whys… this is a story best appreciated without too many spoilers. Because there is A LOT of drama in this story and I have to say I did enjoy every minute. I wanted to know what happened next, I needed to know everything would be ok, and I was cheering for Adalyn and Hayden from the first chapter - even if there’s is by no means an easy relationship. And for those who have read the book you will know that this one name is enough to sum up a lot of what made Adalyn and Hayden’s relationship a rocky one…. LOGAN!

Be prepared to be swept away by one hell of a hockey hottie who is ideal book boyfriend material. But also have tissues nearby because the end of the book will have you in tears - I guarantee it!! And I’m not at all surprised since Meghan Quinn knows exactly how to tug on my heartstrings and draw out some really powerful emotions from her readers! This entire series has been absolutely incredible and I have LOVED every book. Three five star books is a phenomenal feat but Meghan Quinn deserves it because this series…words can’t describe how awesome it is.

Add this series … this book to your TBR - or better yet one-click - because being able to binge the whole series when One Baby Daddy comes out will definitely be an experience worth having!!

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4.4 out of 5 stars