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Reviewed in Australia on 28 April 2019
Lou Powell is the most delightful heroine in a romance book I've read yet. She's funny, intelligent, amusing, confident, and completely crazy. She's great with kids, loves anything pink (girl after my own heart!), post-its, pink Starbursts, the Jonas Brothers and believes in fate. She's what society would call plus sized, but she takes no crap from anyone. She has been hurt before, discarded by thoughtless douchebags she's opened herself up to, but she refuses to give up on her dream of a family to call her own.

When her smarmy landlord puts up her rent she needs a roommate, pronto, so she puts up an ad on campus. To her surprise, it's answered by one of the star footballers. While Lou initially believes the rumours about Abel Russo, she soon learns that he's actually a really nice guy. They get along like a house on fire, and it's not long before the chemistry between them is undeniable.

Abel wants the same thing Lou does - a family. But he's graduating with a degree in physical therapy in a few months, so he's sworn off women to concentrate on his studies. However, he's drawn to Lou like a moth to a flame, and her craziness makes him laugh like no other woman has. When they can no longer deny the way they are attracted to each other, they become more than roommates... but will Lou be able to trust Abel when so many others have let her down? Will the bimbo desperately trying to get Abel in bed be able to finally win in her conquest? Will Lou and Abel's relationship survive the people trying to tear it apart?

I just adored this book so very much. It drew me in, giving me two fantastic protagonists who were clearly fated to be together, and as you get to the end you realise there were so many little signs very cleverly weaved throughout the book which showed that fate played a big part in bringing them together. Lou and her best friend were incredibly funny together, and Desperately Seeking Roommate truly portrays what it's meant to: a romantic comedy with enough of both to keep you smiling for days. If you love good romances, if you love to laugh, and you adore books that give you both, then you just have to read this one.
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