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Reviewed in Australia on 1 October 2015
This is the thiird book in this series. As Ms Henderson said in her foreword, it had to be difficult for her to write a positive story about Gabe after her depiction of him in Book 2.
Thank you to those readers who persuaded her to go ahead with the task as she has done a fantastic job!
In Book 2 we learnt that his mother (a prostitute) gave him no love, told him all the time how useless he was and how his father didn't want him as he was quite happy with the son he did have (Tyler). He grew up a furiously angry and bitter man filled with envy and hatred for his father & brother. All he wanted was vengeance; to make Tyler as miserable as he was - and he was prepared to do anything, no matter how bad, to achieve it. He went a bit too far when he caused the deaths of some of his neighbour's stock and, after being beaten to a bloody pulp, was about to be hanged. At that moment the Reverend appeared and, despite the fact that Gabe showed no contrition at all, sent him forward to the present day.
Morgan Bartlett is a single mother who became involved with a very wealthy man (Bryce Monroe) while on holiday with her best friend (Ashley) in Montana. She fell pregnant but found out before the birth that he was abusive. She immediately left him and, shortly after, gave birth to a boy, Logan. Her mother has been trying to force her to marry Bryce which has forced her to take refuge with Ashley. While driving home she comes across a beaten and bloodied Gabe at the side of the road. She takes him home and does all she can for him but is surprised when he asks her not to call a doctor.
As things develop, it becomes obvious that they will not be able to stay in California and the three of them head for Montana.
Morgan has been attracted to Gabe from the beginning but Gabe refuses to admit to his feelings as he considers her to be a lady and above him in status. Obviously things change!
This is a far more complex story than the first two. They were excellent and historically correct and interesting involving characters who needed a second chance, which is where the Reverend comes into it. In this story Gabe had done nothing to deserve a second chance and everything falls into the pot when the Reverend is pulled up by his superiors for breaking too many rules.
Because of this Gabe finds himself in a situation where he realises what heartache he put his brother through and is suddenly faced with unbelievably difficult choices.
Can somebody who was so close to madness change?
Can Morgan and Chase find happiness together when everything is against them.
I strongly recommend that you get all three books at once and read them in order to truly appreciate this book.
The romantic scenes are nice and not over the top and Ms Henderson has really struck at the heartstrings with this story.
I'm wondering if there could be another chance for Bryce?
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