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Reviewed in Australia on 2 November 2016
A fantastic way to jump into this series.
TITLE – You will enjoy this read.
This is just a short little story telling about how Jessie and Simon meet in a blizzard.
You do not need to read this first before Damnation, but it made book 1 all the better for me.
It was so sweet and wonderful and made me much sadder when I read their story in Damnation after reading this first. How it went wrong is a sobering story and is told in Damnation.

TITLE – A great new series coming up.
I read the prequel PERFECTION before this book and it was so sweet. You do not need to have read it but it makes what happens in this book so much sadder.
Jessie has done nothing wrong but been left by her unmated mate. She has suffered 3 years of hurt and then things get worse. Her pack is wiped out by purist rogues that only her and her sister Janna escaped from.
Jess believes she could have done more to help her pack and her guilt at not fighting enough, on top of not being wanted by her mate and living on the run has taken her from being a feisty she wolf to a shadow of herself.
Simon thought he was doing the right thing in hurting Jessie and turning her away and making her hate him. What a ninny.
Why do males not understand that talking can solve so much. IF Simon had told Jessie what was going on, IF he had not hurt her so bad, they may have been able to be together and their respective pack and clans may have been able to help and protect each other from the rogues. Big IF I know.
All in all a very enjoyable read with a good storyline that is leading to a series of books for some of the other lovely characters we meet in this book.
Really want Soren to have his HEA.
Now for a gripe.
I always get annoyed at the heroines when they just accept I’m sorry as the end of all the problems with very little talking about why the idiot male thought he could make all the decisions in a relationship. I always want a lot of grovelling and super good apologies to make things right. They are shifters after all. Nothing is more important than a mate.

TITLE – Whilst I have read the first two books it was really great to read the bonus story. A wonderful extra from Ms Lowe.
It was wonderful to go back in time and get to share and enjoy this special time with Jess and Simon. The night they finally share mating bites to bind them together for all time and to put all the past troubles behind them.
This is my honest review of this book.
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