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Customer Review

27 December 2018
I’m going to be honest and my rating and feelings is what I determine this book will be as well as my review.

4 STARS ⭐️

I kind of read people’s review first, judged the story too quickly and it already gave me a sense that I knew I was not going to like this book and of course there’s a reason why (but) I will not tell you cause like me you’ll have to kind of go into this book blind and just give it a go. But I didn’t go in blind which I regretted, so what I did was, I carried on reading while I had all the reviews going through my head and not try to stop reading.

Now, what would you expect from this book is yes it’s a trigger book and you have to take it cautiously if you’re not into all this. I don’t like taboo books and I don’t like someone taken against their will. But do I think it’s dark? No, not really. Is the bullying acceptable? No, and it shouldn’t happened. But, let’s say that Ms Mariano did write a story that will leave you hooked and the main characters Carter and Zoey are actually likeable characters.

However, what Ms Mariano presented in her first chapter is so totally wrong but I thought OMG that’s not right that’s so wrong, and of course you totally take a moment and try and not carry on with this book but since I’m so curious with why some people didn’t like this book, however if you actually do carry on with the rest of this story Zoey’s character was a little too forgiving, naive a little stupid but she had a fighting spirit that made me laugh and sad at the same time but with Carter there was so much and even though, I do however like how she is written. Carter on the other hand I’m not sure if I do like him but he’s actually and okay character, I’m not going to say he’s all swoony and sh!t but he’s definitely an a$$hole at best, secondary characters always brings drama and nothing like HS drama.

There were moments that I thought there was more to Carter and why he’s the bully, why he acts this way but its not what I expect. I could have just rolled my eyes and say he was bored but frankly you will not believe the twist of path about Carter and a certain character I will not name. I know it might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I won’t lie and tbh it is an interesting read.
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