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12 April 2014
I have now read The Book Thief 4 times. It just keeps getting better. I delayed seeing the film in case it didn't live up to the book and was relieved to see it almost did.
We have all heard so much about WW11 but very rarely from the point of view of Death. He is a major character in the book.
I have not previously known much about Germans living life under war conditions. This wonderful book gives an insight into a family trying to be inconspicuous as they live the best life they can during war. They aid a Jewish friend because it was the right thing to do. They offer a home to a young girl who is orphaned because of her parents' communist beliefs. She hungers for books at a time books are being burnt. There are many people in this story who are complete characters. The good, the bad, the cruel, the helpful, the mix of traits in normal flawed human beings makes this book linger in my mind. it would be a perfect book for students of literature or history or human psychology as it presents all three. I can't rave enough!
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