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Reviewed in Australia on 14 October 2015
The third volume of this controversially popular series featuring love struck Lucinda Price and her plethora of angelic associates takes the series in a variety of various directions, most of them good, even if the book takes a while to strut it’s stuff. The book is essentially about Luce entering Announcer after Announcer after Announcer as she she risks her life, limb and soul in her passionate hunt for clues and information on the curse which keeps her eternally apart from her soul mate, Daniel Grigori.

New characters are introduced in just about every chapter in this enthralling tale, but they are by definition nothing but cameo appearances as their respective roles in the story can only be short lived.

One new character is called Bill the Gargoyle and he enters from stage left at around the thirty five percent mark of the book. His role is to provide life saving support for Lucinda as she traverses universe after universe seeking important clues to answer her ultimate riddle. But he does more than just support our heroine. He provides some much needed comic relief for book lovers everywhere and also balances and justifies the story as it goes along.

I found chapter eleven of the book a respective highlight. Some of the passages found in this section were bordering on the beautiful and really lifted the tone of the book from romantic stalkerism to mythical and classic but high quality fairy tale. I am now beginning to really anticipate the ending to this mad chase through these eternity of eternities and can see how much the book has improved from it’s relatively slow and repetitive beginning.

So I give this one four stars. If the ending is exceptional (in either a happy or sad way) I will let you know. But its still highly recommended. If you have got this far, I see no reason to stop now.

BFN Greggorio!


Book finshed October 17, 2015. In some respects the story is ended. We now know how the curse can be defeated but in stepped Bill the Gargoyle, and with one swift stroke he upset the plans of everyone concerned and the ultimate fight for survival is about to begin.

!!!!!BRING IT ON!!!!!
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