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Reviewed in Australia on 1 April 2019
This was the first autobiography I’ve ever read, so I don’t know how to compare it to others, but I LOVED it. Every single word, on every single page. And that from someone who tends to skim through the boring bits in many books.

Living in Australia I saw the Obama’s in the news, of course, but I hadn’t followed them all that closely. I hadn’t felt a need to—after all, they were doing a great job. They were a highly respected first family, doing America proud. I saw the important bits, the bits that Australian media felt worthy of a spot on the evening news, but not a lot more. And although I listened to Barack’s 3 hour speech at the Nelson Mandela centenary celebration, I didn’t know all that much about Michelle even at that stage.

But in reading her book, I feel like I’ve come to know her. I learned so much about what a wonderful human being she is ... the hard work and perseverance that got her into Princeton, the long hours she spent as a lawyer trying to prove and better herself, and then, when she’d made it to the top, her constant efforts to make the world a better place ... for her own daughters as well as everyone else’s.

There was even one point, towards the end of the book, when I read about how she’d done Carpool Karaoke, and why. So of course I went to YouTube and watched it right away, and it made the whole experience so much more personal... almost like I was right there in the car with her.

Anyway, I loved the book, and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to read about her life, her background, small snippets of what it was like living in the White House, and her hopes for the future. She’s an inspiring woman, and she makes me feel both proud and hopeful.
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