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23 March 2016
After the angst overload that was Bait, the first book in the Wake series by Author M. Mabie', reading Sail was akin to taking that first cool drink after a long hot day. All of a sudden all the stress, worry, fear and regrets of the first book seem to melt away now that everything is out in the open.

Sure, Casey and Blake still have a heap of obstacles to overcome for there to be any real chance of them being together, not least of which is for Blake/Betty/Honeybee to recognize that possibility as a viable option, but after the traumatic climax of the first book where the things that were hidden came out into the open, suddenly all sorts of different futures have opened up.

The attraction that set the chain of events in motion in the first book is still there, but without the need for secrecy, the impulse to hide everything, the whole dynamic of their relationship is in flux and the challenge is to face the future, for the first time, openly and honestly.

I loved the way that this book essentially told the story of two people actually falling in love. Everything needed for them to be able to really fall in love has been there from the very start, the attraction, the compatibility, the level of comfort each found in the other's company (and of course being really, really compatible, sexually speaking) but now there's no longer any decent excuse to short circuit the process of their relationship developing along what would have otherwise been its natural course.

All of that is not to say that this book is without drama or conflict. There's just as much, if not more, possibilities for misunderstandings and hurt feelings, but the stark difference is in how these two go about dealing with issues as they arise, and it was an absolute joy to read, like watching old friends finally getting their act together.

This book had me smiling almost all the way through, even as problems and challenges arose I was left feeling confident that in their new paradigm, they'd find their way through.

Then came the part that didn't have me smiling, but I'll suggest you read that for yourself.

For me? I've found myself a new favorite.
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