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13 October 2018
Amazon has many Essential Oil Diffuser to offer from various companies, ranging from 100mL to a whopping 1000mL. Most of them would have simple functions such as lights, strong/weak mist, and a timer. Since there is soo much of these products available for customers, I'll specifically be looking at the ASAKUKI 700ml Premium Essential Oil Diffuser, which I have owned and used for about three months now (at the time of this review).

The presentation of the box design is nicely presented, giving an impression of a premium product. Inside the box, you'll get the Essential Oil Diffuser (which I like the way it looks), an AC adapter, a measuring cup, a card telling us how satisfied we are with the product, and a quick start guide. The build quality of the Essential Oil Diffuser feels good, noted to be made out of polycarbonate plastic, making it safe to be used in many home environments. The wood, however, is fake, which can look a bit unnatural from a close distance. I supposed ASAKUKI intentionally wanted to make their product as eco-friendly as possible, and that replacing the fake wood with a real one would defeat the purpose of a safe, premium product. When I decided to read their product description, I realised what I stated was actually true, and that's what they are really aiming for. Very clever.

As usual for an Essential Oil Diffuser, you can cycle between different colours to suit your mood, change the mist setting to strong or weak, and set a timer on how long the mist should run for. One feature people were pleased about is the safety auto-switch function, which will automatically turn off the Oil Diffuser when no water is detected - handy if you have a habit of leaving it on for hours until the end. The buttons deliver good tactile feedback to give you a clear indication of what mode you've pressed has been activated. The lights can look blotchy in well-lit rooms but will look nice when it's in the dark.

For my testing, I'll be using the lavender oil from Thursday Plantation. As I turned the mist on, the smell of lavender immediately became apparent, regardless of the mist setting. I can even smell it from the hallways, which shows how large the coverage of the Oil Diffuser can achieve, which is excellent. The noise it produces, especially the fan underneath it too, is noticeable but is barely audible that it's not distracting unless you're a light sleeper who'll be using it overnight. Just make sure to clear the dust off from the fan filter when it gradually builds up from frequent uses, as the noise can become louder if left uncleaned.

Overall, the ASAKUKI 700ml Premium Essential Oil Diffuser pretty much has all the features you'll need to freshen up your room, especially if you want to leave it on for hours, thanks to the large capacity to hold 700ml of water. It does a great job covering medium to large rooms, and the scent (depending on the type of essential oil you use) is strong enough for you to notice the smell. There is not much to complain about the product other than the fake wood, but that's just about it.
The price may be quite high for some, but considering how well it performs, you'll not regret it.

- Large coverage
- 700ml capacity last 10+ hours at strong mist and 20+ hours at weak mist
- Great mist performance
- Solid build quality
- Quite quiet for a large oil diffuser

- Artificial wood

Very satisfied with it.
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