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4 January 2017
There is one reason that I come back to Lexi Blake books time and time again. Blake’s ability to weave an intricate suspense story with strong love connections is without a doubt one of the best in the romance business. Her words weave such intricate threads into her stories that I am absolutely glued to her books from the moment that I pick them up to the very last word.

Satisfaction gave me everything that I love about her writing. An alpha that is badass, wants to protect his family, standoffish but inexplicably drawn to his woman and a NEED to protect – a haunted knight in shining armor. A sassy female that while she might be down on her luck and caught in a situation that seems helpless, is totally selfless. Bran(don) and Carly are such dynamic characters that brought a whole other level to this story.

Even as I have READ the final word, the true nature of Lexi Blake’s writing genius has me stunned. I am now literally on the edge of my seat and can't wait to read REVENGE.

This book CANNOT be read as a standalone. The story from Ruthless (and even from some of her Masters & Mercenaries series) form the basis for this storyline. The premise is no secret, but if you haven’t met the Lawless siblings, they are on the path of revenge and avenging their parents deaths from when they were little.

From glimpses in previous books, there is no hiding the fact that Bran Lawless is the volatile sibling of the clan. He is the one that on a whim can be carefree and footloose but consumed by violence in the next breath. But he is also the one that does not want there to be more collateral damage in the form of a female being used in their planned revenge. So when he sets his eyes on Carly – the next pawn to be used to get closer to their enemy – he knows that he needs to step in and do things differently this time around. What he was not expecting was a female that would make him want things that he has never thought was possible in his lifetime.

Carly knows that she is stuck in a shitty situation with her evil boss, Patricia Cain. What she doesn’t know is exactly how evil her boss has been. Caught in the crosshairs of bad decisions, blackmail and needing to PROTECT her sister, Carly was not expecting the Lawless siblings – especially Bran. What started as out as a blind date turned into something so much more. But with that more, could she finally find the woman that she lost along the way?

I love the resistance that these two tried to put up when they were thrown together. The sizzle of sexual tension and the adrenaline of the situation closing in from both sides was captivating. I was immediately drawn into both characters and felt a connection with their struggles from the very first moments. There is something about characters that have been beaten down by life but have never given up that endears them to me each and every time. And Lexi Blake just gets what I need as a reader.

The suspense in this book, connecting the dots between the players, their secrets, the overall motivation and what is going to happen next, is a speciality of Blake’s. The action is always fast paced and keeps me guessing from moment to moment about how every move is going to play out. I get so invested in the story that I become anxious and find myself turning the pages so quickly because all I want to know is “what’s going to happen next.” Lexi Blake keeps me on my toes for sure.

I sometimes wonder about the diabolical mind of Ms. Blake as her “villians” are always so intriguing that most of the time they are an integral part of why I keep coming back to her books time and time again. As much as I want to see them taken down, I want to know their motives more than anything else. I want to experience their evilness from somewhere deep inside that will give me justification to want them to experience the HURT that I know is coming their way. I LOVE the way that I get “attached” to the EVIL – a true testament to Ms. Blake.

But even though the action is fast, you cannot miss the fact that there is always a love story that is being played out between the characters. The tender moments, the punch of heat and the undeniable chemistry is always just there weaving itself as a main feature of the story. And Carly and Bran where no different. They were hot as hell together. Bran’s dirty talk was the icing on the cake – I love me a man that is not afraid to be vocal.

And the writing and storyline, all I can say is that it is FLAWLESS.

With a bit of everything from the secondary characters that we know and LOVE, you can be rest assured that they all still play a massive part in this overlying story of revenge.

So if you like your books well written, fast paced, great characters, a story that you fell invested in and a love story that shines about all else, you really need to check out SATISFACTION and in fact, the whole series (well, the 2 books to date). And now that I know where the story is going next I cannot flipping wait for REVENGE. All I can say is WELL PLAYED MS. BLAKE, WELL PLAYED.
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