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Reviewed in Australia on 29 August 2016
I usually enjoy James Patterson books even when they're co-authored however he needs to be more careful who he shares his name with in future. Candice Fox has poorly researched this book making it a very annoying read for an Australian. She has written this from an American mindset with obviously no idea of how the Australian police forces or mining in Australia work. For a start the Australian Federal Police or the AFP (and by the way are never called the Feds) would have absolutely no jurisdiction in a domestic rape case as they only cover international crime, drug importation and terrorism. The only exception to this is if the case happened in the Australian Capital Territory where they act as the local police force as well. This book however is not based in the ACT. Secondly Australian police forces are state based so how does a NSW policewoman get sent to investigate a crime in WA again where she has no jurisdiction and would have no authority whatsoever.
The mining operations are also so removed from reality that Ms Fox must have got her information on a really bad Google site. Firstly no mine operation anywhere in Australia would condone drugs and as a matter of fact regular drug testing is carried out on all mines across the country and anybody found taking drugs would be immediately dismissed. This country has some of the strictest occupational health and safety laws in the world as is shown by an amazing safety record that Australian mining enjoys. Next annoying thing is this idea that there would be miners aggressively attacking people on roads and demanding a toll. This is absolutely ludicrous and paints a picture of Australia being a backward third world country. The next thing is Dongas. These are run offsite by contractors and though they are temporary they are also extremely comfortable with ensuite bathrooms and single occupants. No sharing, no communal showers and the food is usually excellent. She also gets the equipment wrong. Firstly what the hell is a steam roller? Steam went out about 80 years ago. They are just rollers which have absolutely no use on a mine site unless there were contractors there building bitumen roads and a free standing crane would not be used on a mine site to move accommodation about they would just use a mobile crane such as a truck mounted Hiab or a Franna. As for prostitutes on a mine site that would never happen but again let's not let the facts get in the way of a good story. And while we're on that security guards on a mine site are not armed. This is Australia not America.
***Spoiler Alert***
Why the hell is the detective worrying about putting on sunscreen when somebody is shooting at her and Glocks don't have safetys'. The biggest problem though is how is the protagonist fighting in a village in Yemen if he was based in Afghanistan?
Lazy research and writing.
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