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26 May 2019
10/10 for seller performance,top marks there.
Now onto the unit itself,purchased for my xboxonex.
Its VERY fussy to set-up,you MUST follow their instructions to the letter with NO OTHER CONTROL devises connected at all.Once you understand this it connects every time instantly.It only supports standard genuine xbox controllers, not elite or has no audio pass-through on the controller it uses as a slave,i use a second controller for my headphones, only thing is i cant plug second controller in until after i have launched game or it will set that as the controller rather than kb&m.
As far as the performance is i found it very good, no latency/lag on the keyboard at all and the louse works very very well with some fine tuning,its not as good as native support on a pc but its very very close.Some games work great without touching settings,Doom was like this, honestly felt like a pc! I mostly play The Division 2 (for the record my DPS using full auto's went up by 50-100% using this over controller!!!!)and without fine tuning sensitivity and smoothing settings on both the game and mouse i could notice a bit of jerkiness when moving around but once ADS it was fine and with tuning the settings i was able to dial it all out.Ignore the ignoramuses all over the place who say these don't work or claim excessive latency based of poorly encoded youtube videos,they are incorrect.The keyboard itself feels well made and the switches while not as good as cherry's are decent.Mouse is pretty good, i tried my Razor Mamba as well and it was a bit better but not a whole lot so i left that for my gaming pc and use the supplied mouse with the xbox.I cant comment on ps4 use as i don't have one to test, im sure it works fine on pc.The software you run on mobile to customize binds is trash and very unstable, but it does just work. Battery life is an estimated 5-7 hours, enough for most.You can use it while plugged into a wall wart or just have a powerbank handy as I do if your sessions last longer than this.
TLDR:Unit works as described on xboxonex,bit fussy with setup but overall i recommend it.
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