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22 June 2016
What an astounding read. I picked this one up a while ago when It was a Kindle Daily Deal, I just didn't read it because other Books and life distracted me, I wish I would had read it sooner. LA Fiore has done it again with Waiting for the One. This story will truly draw you in from the moment you meet Saffron Mills and Logan MacGowan.
I think it was Saffron's personality that drew me in from the beginning. Her quirky behaviour made me laugh constantly. When Logan enters the little town bar she works at, and he doesn't speak, she sees it as a challenge to make him open up to her. From there, the games began. It became her mission to make an impact on Logan, little did she know, she was making a bigger one than she thought.
The story is written beautifully. LA Fiore's writing style is seamless and easy to read. Her characters are so well developed that you will feel like they are people you know. Logan had more money than he could imagine, yet, in the small town of Harrington, he kept quiet about who he really was. Finding solace among the quiet in the small town. However, secrets, no matter how big or small they maybe never stay hidden. Could the secrets Logan keeps ruin what has transitioned with Saffron. Can they still have a future when everything starts to fall apart around them.
Full of angst, passion, love, romance, suspense, sadness and joy, this story will bring home what it means to really find “The One”.
I have to say - I adored the way these two get together. LA Fiore has a way of creating stories so original and real, she did a great job with details. Letting us get to know the characters as well as the supporting characters.
I don’t want to give too much away here. But I will say – it was an awesome read. I absolutely loved it. It’s full of all the things I look for in a book.
A beautiful, heartwarming love story. Highly recommended read.
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