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26 February 2014
Congratulations, and thank you to A.G Riddle for so quickly churning out a quality sequel to the Atlantis Gene. The Atlantis Plague fills in more of the history around the historical events and mysteries unearthed in the Atlantis Gene whilst progressing the narrative to what lies in store for the human race. This book is again fast paced, with action and twist elements and events beautifully woven into the narrative. Again a great blend of historical/scientific fact and science fiction. I was particularly pleased that the slightly confusing and numerous resurrections at the end of the Atlantis Gene (probably my only criticism of the first novel) weren't perpetuated in the sequel.

I agree with some reviewers that, based on the already large basis in fact, that the believability of the series may be stretched if drawn out too far with what appears to be [SPOILER ALERT] an imminent alien invasion.....but then I don't have the benefit of knowing what will come next so I could be completely wrong there.

Looking forward to book 3.
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