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Customer Review

17 June 2017
What an epic adventure! This novel is far from ordinary & contains all the good ingredients to make a great story...

Nora is peculiar, like they say, and where she lives, her kind of peculiar -over achiever much- isn't something people encourage. But now that she is training as a Raider in the West, everything is going to change. To be peculiar could be just what she needs.

I loved Nora, but at first, I was kind of disoriented, as I am the sort of person who is very emotional, and kind most of the time. Then I started to understand her better, her background, her hidden feelings... She is fierce, a free spirit, beautiful without overdoing it, strong, clever, brave and she has a big heart, she just doesn't show it off for everyone to see. Oh, and she has some kind of powers, way more than what she's already aware of...

But the story is more than that, it's about legends, trust, differences, a post-apocalyptic world, between dystopia and fantasy... It also pictures the sexy Frederic, very complex, strong and weak at the same time, rival and ally ; the reliable and clever Helena and some promising side characters.

In this book, Nora will learn some truth about who (or what) she is, accept her difference and free herself -if even a little bit- of the boundaries she wrapped around herself and her capabilities.
Step by step, the way to the Shadowislands will appear to be way too real for them to be just a legend... And to unlock it, one must find the key. Will this quest allow treason, or push some people together in a common goal?

A lot of action, some mythology and powers, a touch of romance and family bounds... I wasn't able to put this epic book down. I strongly recommend it!
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4.2 out of 5 stars