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Reviewed in Australia on 9 November 2017
One of my favourite book series out there, have read them so often, they are great to read in bed and relax, you will not be disappointed.
Even though I have all these books individually I love having them in a box set for easy rereading.
A lot of fun crazy characters that are bought together by Gerri, a very good matchmaker.
Reviews have been posted individually as well.
Cats and Dogs always make for a fun read.
I always love these book and this one is no exception.
Miranda (Andi) was a great character except for her belief in wanting a wimpy male as her mate. She would be bored in no time.
Kasen was lovely and really hot, I thought he was perfect for Andi.
My only gripe with him was his weak reaction to his bitch of a mother, WHY did he not put her in her place?
A bit light on the reality of mixing two different shifter types into one clan.
For those two reasons this book is towards the bottom of this series for me.
Not up to Ms Taidens usual humorous standards.
Not up to Ms Taidens usual humorous standards due to background story.
I really enjoyed this ménage story, it was a good fun read and I loved Francesca, Marcus and Theo and how their relationship evolved and the dates the men took her on. Theo streaking, oh goodness.
But the background story of Francesca’s brother Shane was not a nice one and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I could have due to inaction on Francesca’s part. I think Francesca could have been way more proactive and done so much more.
Why didn’t Francesca go and see this young girl who was pregnant but was adamant she had not had sex. Francesca had just stopped an attempted gang rape so she should have put two and two together. She says she is stressed over the Pride but has not done anything or spoken to anyone to find out what is going on.
She is supposed to be the ALPHA FEMALE but spends all her time in the office not looking out for her people.
On two occasions she is bailed up in her office, once by her brother and once by a group of the Pride men. I am sorry but bells are ringing very loudly.
This is a woman aiming for her Black Belt in martial arts so she is not a wilting flower.
Whilst I was not unhappy with Shane and Jim’s punishment, I think they got off very lightly. What about the others that participated in this abuse???
I am more worried about what happened to all those girls in the Pride and especially the pregnant one. They need to be helped and counselled.
So, so glad the baddie got what he deserved.
This is my honest review of this book.
The PDA series is definitely one of my favourites for its humour and great story plots.
This was a lovely sweet read and quite an emotional story due to all that Becca had been through in in life. No one needs to lose both their father and brother. Her guilt at what happened with her father is understandable but he was doing what a good Prime should, protecting one of his lair.
Loved that Becca was confident and competent and Jaylon was so funny putting his foot in his mouth at the beginning.
Jared was great and will make a wonderful alpha as time goes by.
The big twist at the wedding was eyebrow raising and I loved it.
Gerri keeps her 100% record with matching these two shifters who get whom they need not whom they thought they wanted.
A slightly different feel with this book, not as much humour but a lot more interaction and build up between our two H's.
This is my honest review of this book.
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