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Reviewed in Australia on 18 February 2016
I downloaded this book when it first came out, but left-off reading it as I knew it would be a challenge. It was! Emotionally charged, sad, sweet, tender, loving, intimate and brave. Oh, you the whole gamut of's a weepy, so grab a box of tissues.
As usual, Tillie's standard of writing was excellent - creating a great plot, expertly using narrative structure and giving a lot of thought to character development.
Levi was a completely different boy to his brothers and his love story was more of an innocent, sentimental and gently told journey. The approach to this narrative had an almost religious feel as we followed how Levi and his bella mia twin-soul, Elsie, connected and moved forward to form both an emotional and physical relationship...they gave of themselves and as an extension they both grew and stepped out of their invisible prisons.
Essentially slow-paced, this pairing of two delicate people was portrayed beautifully by Tillie. Along the way, each of them must dig deep to meet the demands that life heaped on them, while at the same time revealing their secrets and painful pasts to each other...two taciturn people who learned to trust each other enough to converse, a torture for them.Their challenge was to learn to cope in a cruel world where soft and sensitive was stomped upon...a tough ask for the sweet, sensitive, tentative and perceptive young couple. They each had to find their 'voice'.
A few additional thoughts: There were times when I was cringing in anticipation of another situation or insensitive clod who might further fracture the couple's hearts. A touching parallel was drawn between Levi & Elsie and the Greek myth Hero & Leander and the significance of the lamp in the final section of Sweet Soul. It was also wonderful to catch-up with the other Sweet Home characters as they contributed to the story.The message of the and let live...simply put, just be kind!
Tillie is such a generous writer...where will she take us next?
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