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Customer Review

2 June 2016
Never Tear us Apart took me several weeks to read, not due to it's length, nor because it was not enthralling, but because the weight of the words within the story were heavy upon both mind and heart. The word fiction almost seemed to become an illusion as the cold chill of fear spread through my veins, anger churned in my stomach and my heart felt broken by sadness and horror with each turn of the page. Monica Murphy has not just created a story, she has lead my imagination on a frightening journey that left me clinging to a life raft of hope in dark turbulent seas of rib crushing emotion.

Katie was kidnapped as a young girl, her captor a cruel and horrible man who tortured her in the harshest of ways, leaving marks on her body that would heal, but scars on her memory and soul that would not. If it weren't for the man's son, Will, Katie would never have made it out of their alive; though both of them may still have life Katie and Will are forever haunted by what happened in the time Aaron Monroe stole from them. The people that surround Katie after, her family and therapists, try to help her, but only one Pierson truly knows what she went through and that person is Will. For a while the two exchange letters, providing the only form of comfort they can find, when all had once felt lost, but soon the letters and phone calls from Will stop and Katie is left to wonder what happened to her hero. It is many years later that Will finally comes back into her life but he is no longer the troubled teen she knew, he is a man she doesn't know at all.

What happened to Katie is truly terrifying, terrifying that some people are capable of becoming such monsters and heartbreaking that so many others are shadowed by their darkness; All of which Monica perfectly captured and portrayed in the main characters, as well as those surrounding them. I was in a constant state of shock and disgust reading what Aaron Monroe did to those poor children and at times felt physically sick. What Katie and her family went though during and afterwards broke my heart and had tears welling in my eyes, wishing for them that the world did not know such evil.

Years later and Katie is still suffering, she lives on her own, barely goes out and hardly ever spends time with anyone else but her mother and sister. However she still has so much fight left in her and decides she wants to live a normal life and sets into motion a plan to overcome her fears that have left her so sheltered. The strength Katie showed were moments that gave hope that eventually she would live a semi-normal life again, though the hope did sometimes fade into more heartbreaking tears when again Katie would be attacked by anxiety and fear. When Ethan came into her life and slowly started to help her get past those things, it was beautiful but also nail biting to read, as Ethan has a massive secret.

Another character that played a huge part in the story was reporter Lisa Swanson, a ruthlessly selfish woman who cared only for her reputation. She was a character that had me wanting to crush my kindle in frustration, wishing that she'd just leave Katie and Will alone.

It was for my kindle's safety and my sanity that I did not persist to read this story within a day, as with all that was felt, it might have been too much all at once for me. Monica has done a truly brilliant job in telling this story and I look forward to reading the ending in Never Let You Go.
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5.0 out of 5 stars