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Reviewed in Australia on 4 September 2019
It is the books like this one that keep me reading this series. Two great leading characters and one hell of a story.
One of the really good books in this series with the most amazing epic battle ending.
We get so much more information and reasoning as to why things are happening and how the vampires are in league with Mages which explains how they are accomplishing what they do.
Loads of action and even a few severe casualties which I always hate.
I could write a long, detailed review but instead I will just say, read this amazing book for yourself.
Natalya is one hell of a heroine with a fascinating background. She has a smart mouth, attitude, amazing abilities and loves quoting lines from horror movies.
Vikirnoff we have met before and I must say I had a soft spot for him. He is one if the original ancients, two thousand years old.
He is of course a lone and cold Hunter, a master vampire killing machine. Until he hears Natalya’s voice, then everything changes. He struggles with having a lifemate that is not the docile woman he expected but a warrior as strong as he is, even though in a different way.
Love the interactions between these two. Raging battles and hot lovemaking.
Even the vampires are, if not likeable in any way, definitely stronger and more cunning than previous books. Glad to see them lose but it was a very close thing.
Having read this series a few times before I know about Razvan, but it is always a good reminder of how this next direction in this series gets started.
Though I feel sorry for Gabrielle, I also still feel she is weak. This plays out later on in her own book.
Read and reviewed before but review is missing.
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4.8 out of 5
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