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12 June 2019
It's no Samsung 970 PRO, or even EVO. But for $110, 512GB of NVMe storage is pretty darn good!

The reason for deducting one star is cause it really seems to struggle when I'm doing something really I/O intensive (especially when it's dealing with a lot of tiny files) to the point where my laptop froze for like 30-40 seconds. Now, this was with Visual Studio compiling a C++ application with Matlab being installed in the background and the system utilising the page file, as the RAM usage exceeded the total available 'system RAM'. But I'm not installing Matlab everyday and the reason I'm complaining here is because my old 256GB Toshiba THNSNK256GCS8 was able to handle similar workload without freezing, albeit the system was really slow...but usable. Neither of the SSDs were more than 40% filled, and I do TRIM occasionally.

I won't be posting a CrystalDiskMark test because I'm using an XPS 13 9360 and it's M.2 slot is limited to PCIe x2, hence the laptop won't be able to push it further than ~1850-1900MB/s for sequential reads/writes. But if you look at the Anandtech review for the SSD, the 1TB variant performs fairly close to the 970 EVO in quite a few workloads, and even better in a couple.

TL;DR: Great value as long as you're not trying to push it beyond it's limits.
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