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20 May 2019
Not a single aspect in this book with which I would wish to disagree - this is a powerful statement on issues of being treated differently, disrespectfully so - based on perceptions of race and gender and other intersections. I may be male and Australian and 70 (next week) but these are matters I have been pondering over and studying about and working to change - formally and informally - from when I was 10 years old - 1959 - asking my mother why all the tributes were flowing to Albert NAMATJIRA upon his death - when his treatment during the latter years of his life had been so discriminatory. Over 30 years ago in England I met a cousin's partner/later his wife - from Trinidad - a nursing sister - out of a marriage in France - twin daughters. A truly larger than life character - she was as direct a person as I had ever met. So, she began - And who was Toussaint L'Ouverture! Unused to being quizzed from out of left field on a first meeting - nevertheless I was able to satisfactorily answer the question - thanking my lucky stars that my brother's French wife has a brother with the name Toussaint - and their father from Corsica - part of the reason I had had some background association/knowledge...or there was the time in London in 1976 when my wife and I shared a basement flat with Shane - a young New Zealander and Mickey - a chap from Trinidad. Or friend Jilly with a nightclub named for her by Vince - her partner - himself out of the Caribbean. Learning from our friends how the world is constituted. I spent years in Japan where I was very aware of the unearned privilege my pink complexion brought me. This is an excellent account of a life trying to make sense of what a different complexion means. In Arizona nearly 20 years ago - an uncle - originally out of south-west Alberta - then teaching at the Embury-Riddle School of Aeronautics campus in Scottsdale - told me that US justice means Just US - it's not for anyone else - and that was before George Dubya... The reader might have to think on that.
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