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Reviewed in Australia on 7 September 2016
Roommating (Preston Mills book 1)
Noelle Adams, Samantha Chase
4 sweet and funny stars
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This was a sweet, funny read with a fiery lead that made for a great read. This review will pretty much be straight to the point, because as the title suggests, it is a story of room mates but not in the general sense if the word. For Heather Carver, she has waited forever for her father to hand over the reins to his business, and now returning to Preston Mills everything is in order. But sadly, best plans and all that... There is a deal that must be made, and it is nothing like what Heather had envisaged. To take over Carver Restoration and Construction, Heather must partner up with Christopher Dole both working and living. 6 months together, they will inherit and Tom Carver will retire.

With mutual hate for each other, Heather refuses to let Chris win, so they move into a 2 bedroom apartment, him with an ugly orange chair, and her with a tiny dog names Lucy. As much hate is there in the meetings, there is also chemistry, but Heather refuses to forgive Chris for leaving 3 yrs earlier, and leaving her father with no support at his company. 3 yrs on Tom has forgiven Chris, but cracking Heather will be another story all together. Living and working together will make and break this pig-headed pair. In a humerous story of love and hate, they will come together in the sweetest of ways. But the distrust she can’t get past will break what little amount of trust that had finally been earned.

So as Chris must come to terms with his secrets from Heather, he will have to make the ultimate decision – love or company! Heather thinks he’ll run again, just like 3 years ago, but it Heather who is put on the spot and surprised by Chris’ response.
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