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3 January 2019
Very attractive size and appearance and apparent build quality; bought two to begin with and was so taken with them I bought another six, plus their sub. Have two paired with the sub in main music listening room, and one Sonos One in each of four other rooms which helps create the effect of 'music everywhere' as we walk through our home. Very easy to set up, and then to select which (or all) speakers to use at any particular time. I interchangeably use the Sonos app, or stream direct from Spotify (mainly) ... again, all very easy.

Sound quality is discernibly not as good as music from our main home theatre setup, which utilises discrete Denon amp, floor standing and centre speakers, but then I would never expect it to be. However, the Sonos sound quality, to my ears, is very much better than any other wireless speaker I have tried (have been through 3 or 4 different brands / models over the years). More than good enough such that I feel completely happy with the purchases, and with listening to music through the Sonos speakers rather than the home theatre setup.

Both prior to and after purchase I read / watched a great many online and YouTube reviews of these and various other (other brands) speakers, and it seemed clear to me that the overall findings are that - at or anywhere near the price point - Sonos continue to be superior wireless speakers.

Highly recommended.
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