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20 March 2015
SIX Stars or more, the story draws on genius.
The Victorian era! This was a horrible time in English history when the so called Upper-class (and those who thought they were) walked all over the poor.
It was in such a time as this that a young feeble woman gave birth to a baby and then died. The child was counted as an orphan and a pauper and therefore a matter for distain and neglect. No one cared what became of him.
He received the barest of care, just enough to keep him alive, and for what? To be used and abused by all who should have been his protectors.
This child is given his name without love or thought but mealy through an alphabet system devised for such births.
He was in the O's for his first name, so received Oliver, and in the T's for his surname, so given the name of Twist.
Oliver entered the work house at the age of seven to work long hours with little food and much abuse and ridicule. Cruelty to such children was used for amusement by those in charge of them. Many children died as they had lived, without knowing any love or nurturing. And no one cared.
The story takes you on a journey of such hardship that you will be unable to fathom how such evil was allowed.
Yet good times do come and when they do, the reader feels that at last there is some justice in the world.
This is a classic novel of those times written with very descriptive language. Some of which used by the poor was atrocious.
One such manner of speech is the Headline I have used for the review... often said almost as an oath to prove reality.
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