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Customer Review

11 August 2018
‘Butterface’, book 1 in the new Hartigan Series, by Avery Flynn was a very cute romcom centering around love, family, friends and the important things in life. It was more a character-based narrative than a plot-driven one.
Regina Luca wasn't the beauty we have come to expect from contemporary romance book-heroines, nevertheless, she was mostly happy with her lot, imperfections and all...and she was a resilient survivor of bullying. (Google butterface meaning if, like me, you'd never heard the insult before.)
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so the saying goes. Enter handsome, hero, lover of structure and rules, Detective Ford Hartigan (brother of Felicia, the Honeypot ant expert from the Harbour City Series) who thought Gina was fine just the way she was. Gina found Ford difficult to ignore, even though he seemed to miss the 'charm' gene, usually strong in his family. There were, of course, major challenges to overcome for our two lovelies in order to make their odd connection work (she was the granddaughter of a mobster and he was a cop) and there was that little matter of being truthful.
The dialogue was clever and engaging and the characters were relatable and well-developed, including the secondary ones. (Ford's family were a hoot, as were Gina's brothers Rocco and Paul.) 
The conclusion/epilogue was feelgood at its best. Ok, the plot was a tad predictable, but ‘Butterface’ held its own. Despite a small slump in the second half, the pacing was fast and the feel was humourous, moving and charming.
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3.8 out of 5 stars