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27 May 2016
Amanda Pierce faced a horrendous situation. Immersed in grief and outrage, she takes action.
Brigham Theodore is a newly qualified lawyer who begins working at a questionable law firm. He is offered the case of defending Amanda and quickly becomes obsessed. The prosecutors are experienced, strong and have seemingly unlimited resources. A challenge, indeed, to defend a woman who already admits to a crime. Brigham must also decide to advise his client on whether to fight or accept a plea bargain. If they fight, Amanda could very well lose everything.
I liked this book very much, but have given it 4 stars because it wasn’t developed as well as it could've been, imho. At only 166 pages long, it should have gotten straight to the storyline, but didn't. Then, the ending was too quick. What I enjoyed most about this book was the character, Brigham and I hope there will be a series featuring him. If not, what a waste of a good character.
The court scenes read very well and the dialogue between Brigham and the prosecution is very engaging. The two opposing points of view are food for thought. And thoughts are invading my mind - what would I do? Yes, a very good story from a clever author.
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4.1 out of 5 stars