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Reviewed in Australia on 13 August 2019
Down and down we go, where we end up, no one can say for certain. Kader and Laurel are in the thick of it now and the master puppeteer will hopefully reveal themselves soon. What is certain is that larger powers are at play and greed and lust for power are motivating certain players. It is clear that the people behind the curtain aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. When home is no longer safe and the world begins to burn around them, what will Laurel and Kader find in the ashes?

There were some great moments of humour and lightheartedness among the suspense and drama. This was one of my favourites:
His head tilted. “Does that mean you’re up for the possibility?”
“It means that I’m accepting of the possibility. Being up is your responsibility.”
Kader’s eyes shone. “I have that one covered, no worries.”

I was slightly annoyed with Laurel’s behaviour. Up until that point, she was a strong and resilient woman. In this story, I found her to be clingy and whiny at times. I understand that she had gone through some difficult events but her insistence on clinging to Kader and defy his orders irked me. But aside from this, I loved the blast from the past. It was long over due.

While it isn’t necessary to read Web of Sin to enjoy this series, I would recommend it because it will enrich the experience. I loved the intrigue and connections linking the characters and events together. It truly lived up to its title of Tangled Web. I look forwarding to seeing what Aleatha has in store for us next.
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4.8 out of 5
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