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Customer Review

6 February 2018
'The Schemer' (Harbour City no. 3) by Àvery Flynn, was a fast-paced, fun and emotional story that I enjoyed. Its approach was enemies-to-lovers. Previously, I thought I had the plotline pegged, but I didn't. 
Written in the third person with dual POVs, Avery's writing was solid and the dialogue/banter was engaging - crazy at times.
The well-developed MCs, Tyler 'the schemer' Jacobson and Everly Ribinski were both very strong willed and fallible, but sexy as all get out. 
Tyler, once from the wrong side of the tracks, aimed to prove himself amongst the elite (although his friends didn't judge him). He was a planner and a plotter as well as a driven man, and quite complex. While a successful businessman, he had a major deal in the making that would help him cement his place, but there was an issue. 
Everly Ribinski, art gallery curator, was setting up her business òn the ground floor of Tyler's building, as well as living above his apartment, much to his chagrin. He was surrounded, so he created rules. Everly had a backstory and there was a lot to this girl. She was also adorable, tough, real and proud, but unapologetic and mighty fierce. Animosity began between them, and voilà, major sparks flew. Enter, Tyler's ex and things got more interesting. At times, the story was a tad frustrating, but considering the circumstances, the 'swordplày', antics and bad behaviour ... that was probably just what Avery was aiming for. Suffices to say, Tyler ended up needing to redeem himself...a lot! There were some fantastic secondary characters, including Helene Carlyse who featured strongly. The subplots were a strength.
I enjoyed reading 'The Schemer' and felt it was packed with personality, laughs and lots of energy.
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4.4 out of 5 stars