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30 October 2018
Before I start writing a review, I want to mention that I have been using ear pods from a few years. And I always found their shape a bit weird, because when I would wear the Right one in my right ear, and left one in left, I would feel they don't fit properly in my ears. Hence I swapped them with my ears, which means I wear Right one in left ear, and vice versa. When I switched from Ear pods to Air pods, this problem persisted. I started using again Right Air pod in my left ear, but because the Airpods are slightly thicker than Ear pods, hence it looked really weird angle for the onlooker. I could see all those people walking down the street, wearing the Airpods placed perfectly on their ears, looking very sophisticated and I would feel jealous of them, because on my ears they looked really weird, since because of my weird shape of ears they will not stay in my ears, unless I swap Right with Left and vice versa.

Finally after i ordered this product, I tried putting on the Silicone covers on Air Pods. And I tried it on. At first I was heart broken since, the Left Airpod would still not fit in my ear, so I thought I would try swapping it again, and that did the wonders. It fit perfectly. It does not move. And even the onlookers might not even notice the silicone cover (and if they do honestly, I don't care any longer). The $229 spent on Airpods look finally worth after spending another $20 on this product.

The small bag that it comes with is really handy, but I usually like to hang my Airpod cover to my pant. Again I don't care about the colour, I care about the ease. The chord to connect the pods is also handy as that gives me freedom to drop them on my shoulders if I'm talking to someone, and not worry about putting them back in pods case.
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