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Reviewed in Australia on 27 June 2020
This a review for the product I purchased here at amazon Australia.
Name: “ Greens Powder - Super Green Juice - Australian Made & Owned - 12 Natural Raw Organic Ingredients - Health Juice Powder For Detox, Wellbeing, Anti-inflammatory, Energy, Stress Relief - Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free | Best Tasting Green Drink Powder”
30 day supply.

Today is the first time I prepared a shake with powder. I took two teaspoons and mixed it well with a bottle of water .
It tasted horrible.
After trying 3 to 4 sips I had to discard it. Before this I had tried the NATURE’S WAY SUPER GREENS PLUS 300G , the natures way product taste much better and palatable.

Looks like either I need to chug it down in 1 gulp or find a combination with something else to make it taste better. Definitely can’t have it as a stand-alone shake. Will try some combination and see if I can make it taste better and come back .
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