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Customer Review

18 June 2015
Time travel is not for the weak of heart.

Ok we're in the 4 th book now and time certainly has flown along for Taylor, she has 3 children now,Marit to Veris and twins to Brody, life is great! They've learnt to control the time traveling, and everything is rosey.....
Or is it? The Queen is more than ever determined to posess Taylor and she manages to kidnapp her with catastrophic consequences!
This book starts up with Alexander's quest for love has taken him down into some very dark places, and he's managed to create a serum that allows him to see things and maybe even time travel! He also discovers Rafeal, and a romance blooms,it's his first male romance...but he's still interested in Sydney.. The police woman from the previous book....after he and Rafe have made love and they've decided to have a relationship....Sydney decides to kiss him which makes all sorts of problems occur!
Rafe finds out about the kiss, jealousy and anger occurs he breaks it off with Alexander who is heart broken....only to have a day and night of incredible sex with Sydney ...then she finds out about Rafe.. She spits the dummy and breaks with Alex...and again he's left heart broken...
Only to have something completely unexpected to occur with Rafe and Sydney that manages to inflict more pain!! Oh what a tangled Webb of intrigue deceptions and lies that ultimately lead to a whole lot of love and a brilliant storyline to open into the next book!
One story arc I'm really interested in is Marit she seams to have an inate ability to time travel...is it because she is the daughter of a vampire who was human at the time of conception? Or is it because she is Taylor's daughter? Oh... Tracey please put us out of our miseries and release the next book already!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars