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Customer Review

24 October 2018
The Lovers: Cards of Love
by Fiona Cole (Goodreads Author)
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Karen Moriarty's review Oct 24, 2018 · edit
it was amazing
Read 2 times

This was another amazing read from Fiona Cole.. Seriously she just keeps getting better..

Jackson Fields who we briefly met in Voyeur is the star of this book and he is all kinds of hotness. We meet Jackson and his college best friend Jake who are all kinds of sexy themselves but after a dare they fall out of each others lives.. Roll on five years when Jake and his fiance'e Carina are hired specifically, to help get a new nightclub which is an off shoot to Voyeur up and running which just happens to be co owned and will be run by Jackson Fields.. AKA Jakes former best college friend..

Now all the players have assembled we start to learn about the past relationship between Jake and Jackson and also the current relationship between Jake and Carina..

With Carina finding our about Club Voyeur her interests are piqued when she witnesses first hand what happens in this very exclusive club and wants to inject some of that sexiness into her relationship with Jake.. She wants more than just friends she wants more passion, and when she learns that Jackson use to perform at Voyeur well that just gets her all kind of intrigued and then asks Jake who is always up for some adventure in the bedroom if he would entertain the idea of maybe upping the anti from just toys to maybe a third person..

With a game of Truth or Dare this sets the wheels in motion..
This book is full of hot steamy Menag'e escapades that keep you hot and happy.. Once l started this book l had to binge it thru to the end. I found myself yelling at each of these characters for the choices they were making and wanting to equally what them and then hug them..

As the connections grow and they become invested in this new lifestyle, emotions change and ultimately relationships are tested. This was one of those reads where you started reading it thinking you new what was going to happen only to have it completely flip around on you.
And Jake's Mom was an absolute delight.. Made me laugh out loud before l cried buckets..

This book had it all for me and l have to say this is my all time favourite read from this author.I so can't wait for the next book.. A five star author me.....
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4.7 out of 5 stars