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Reviewed in Australia on 9 June 2020
If you're feeding a large dog, this seems like not a bad base kibble. It has 35% protein, an improvement over the regular Optimum's 26% and higher than almost any other food at the same price.
Some of this protein will come from the "poultry & poultry by-products" listed as ingredients, whatever they are. Quite a lot may come from the canola meal also listed as an ingredient. Who knows what or how much "vegetable" is in there, but it's also listed.
As with all these foods, the actual contents is hopelessly under-specified. People can't tell what's in dog food and manufacturers will cut corners where they can. There's a strong argument for making ingredient lists much more transparent.
We supplement our dog's diet with meat scraps and butcher's bargains, uncooked bones, frozen peas, dog rolls of various types and the occasional serve of peanut butter.
The dog seems very healthy with this kibble as 50% of his diet, so there's that.
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4.6 out of 5
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