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3 June 2019
This is probably more a 2.5 star book, but I’ll give it 3 because I did finish it.
Mature YA is my jam. I love it. And I was excited to read this one. Unfortunately it didn’t live up to my expectations.
I hated Crispin. He flip flopped between nice and mean at the flick of a switch. For a true bully romance he really needed to be mean 100% of the time. His flipping and flopping really didn’t suit the character role he was playing. He was also a hypocrite. He hated Estella for being horrible to Tinsley when he was doing the exact same thing!
Tinsley got on my nerves. She was so naive, which I get was kind of the point, but it grated on me really badly. She’s also really dense.
Both Tinsley and Crispin were completely clueless about Estella when it was so transparent what she was about.
And the Baby thing? I have no idea what the point of that was. I didn’t feel like it was remotely related to, or added to the story.
This book also read REALLY young and quite often the language choices were immature and a little bit unsophisticated. These are supposed to be privileged, highly educated kids and nothing they were saying particularly matched up with that.
This book had a lot of promise for me, but did not live up to it. I won’t be continuing on with the series, sorry!
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