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Customer Review

21 June 2016
Reviewed by Rachel

She’s sunshine all right. Brightest light of my days.

I was so thrilled when this book landed on my Kindle! To say I was counting down the months since I read the first instalment in this series, ‘Loud is How I Love You’, would be an understatement. There is just something really authentic about this author’s writing which I’m sure is down to the fact she is a musician herself so rightly so, she conveys the ins and outs of band life perfectly. I’ve read countless books in this genre before, but this one hit the spot perfectly. Like the first book in the series, this is also written in first person but we also get dual point of view which for me is perfection! Hearing both sides gives a better understanding of the story which I can connect to much better with.

“What happens on the road stays on the road….”
“… Okay, deal. We lock all unseemly tour incidents in the Soft vault….”

This story circles around the bassist, Cole from Stars on the Floor (Soft) and Sonia (Sunny) Emmy – Lou’s best friend. Cole is such a talented guy but is hiding a secret from his band members which could ultimately change their musical future. He’s not had the best start in life, abusive father and an alcoholic mother. Yes, the band is a hobby for Cole; however, he sees his band mates more like family, but he has a responsibility he simply cannot ignore. Cole is very aware how hard it is to get a deal with a record company, he’s under no illusion at all. He’s all set to go out on a high on this summer’s tour but he doesn’t quite count on the attention Sunny brings to their group and also the incredible attraction he has for her. Well, that’s just brings a whole load of chemistry into the mix which somewhat complicates things for him. My heart broke for him on several occasions. He just didn’t feel worthy of Sunny. If there was ever a case of two people brought up on different sides of the track them this would be it.

“It’s never going to be enough, Cole. You’re just going to have to f*** me like this forever.”
“I can do that.”

Ahhh Sunny! What a star she was. I loved her. Spirited, sassy, incredibly loyal and determined to help out her friends for their three-week road trip, Sunny goes all out! She offered to assist ‘Soft’ in their upcoming tour as Tour Manager and she doesn’t want to let them down. Sunny has always had a crush on Cole and when things start to happen between them, she just can’t quite believe her luck! Sadly, her experience with men hasn’t been the best. Cole on the other hand is quite the ladies’ man, so she doesn’t expect anything to happen when the tour is over. Unlike Cole, Sunny’s had a very privileged upbringing and been given every opportunity to excel and shine. She’s a very talented musician herself but due to severe case of stage fright, she’s not able to continue in her chosen career.

“You don’t look better through beer goggles. The problem is you look way too fine without them. You’re like a damn demigod.”
“Wait, just a demigod? I was shooting for Zeus.”

Stay Until I Break is an excellent continuation of the first book in the series. The story is very well written and brilliantly constructed. You also get more Travis and Emmy – Lou and also Joey, the fourth band member. This can be read as a standalone but I would highly recommend you read them in order to get the full ‘Soft’ effect. I don’t think I’ve ever highlighted as many quotes and lines as much as I did in a long time. Again Ms Brown excels in her witty and razor sharp prose. All of the characters not only had me swooning, cringing at some of their ‘on the road’ antics, but also had me laughing out loud! At times I felt like I was actually on the tour with them. It was sensory overload! It felt like I could actually hear their music and smell the back seat of Steady Beth! I’m not sure if there is another book in this series but I really hope Joey gets his own story. There’s a character we get a small glimpse of towards the end and I would dearly love to see how they would interact with each other. No pressure, Ms Brown!

“I’m sorry, Sonia. I’m not the guy you thought I was.”
“No, you really aren’t.”
“You’re so much more than that.”
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