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Reviewed in Australia on 1 February 2020
The Last Wish takes us to the very beginning, we meet most of the characters that will become integral in Geralts future. While the plot line jumps around somewhat, if you can handle the higldy pigldy disarray of the tv series this will be someonewhat easier to understand. It allows us an insight in to Geralts life, the choices he makes and his own brand of honor, that may seem somewhat skewiff. I wouldnt say its an integral part of the series of books however i do think that it establishes relationships Geralt has with others, the backdrop of the continent and Geralts personality. Like all good books that have been made in tv series b&b or movies quite a bit has been altered however enough has been left in the shows for the corresponding in the book to be understood.
I always love to read a series after watching or vice versa, just to see the changes made. Anyway, onward to the next book, sword b&bbof destiny
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4.6 out of 5
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