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8 June 2014
A powerful and malevolent reptilian being, The Keeper, awaits his reawakening. His aim is to change the course of history to enable the evolution of a race of intelligent dinosaurian creatures over whom he will rule.
A beautiful, cloned dinosaurian female, Dawann Dracon, has been created as the consort of the Keeper, who rules the planet Moozrabian (the old Mars). However, she has been implanted with the soul of a human, Dawn, and Dawns memories start to return to her. She is now compelled to risk death by attempting to regain her memories as a human and find the only secretly cloned human still in existence.

Dawann/Dawn's journey takes her back through time, to the Cretaceous period before a massive comet collides with Earth bringing an end to the age of the dinosaurs and threatening the lives of Dawn and her fellow astronauts, stranded on Earth at the time.

I cannot begin to give a simple precis of this novel. It is so complex, fascinating and incredibly well researched, the story had me riveted from the first page to the last. In my opinion it takes a brilliant mind to create a story of this magnitude. I am in awe of this author's ability to present science fiction bolstered by robust facts, vivid characters and superbly intricate plots. Deborah O'Neill Cordes takes the reader into two completely different worlds - a cretacean world of lush, green vegetation and dangerous, predatory creatures, and a future world of manufactured climates and cloned inhabitants - both equally believable. Even the fictional dracons with their pale green skin, feathered heads and golden eyes are presented in such rich detail, their images are graphically implanted on my mind.

I am an avid and eclectic reader, reading up to four books a week, not many books remain vividly in my mind unless they are exceptional. This book is just that.
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