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Reviewed in Australia on 28 November 2015
This book has been around for some twenty years and I have only just read it. I admit that I saw the film first and just like many of my male and female friends, I loved it, however implausible it seemed. It was both fun and funny at the time. I won't explain the story because most people have a rough idea.
The book, too, was also funny and in a format that made it a breeze to read – a diary – as the title suggests. Some sections were repetitive, hence the removal of 1 Star, but the reading pace was quick. However, the novel is longer than I expected.
Some women might be offended by the self-deprecating, hormonal, shallow, heavy-drinking, weight obsessed behaviour of a young woman surrounded by her equally shallow, but very good and supportive friends.
For me, this was the actual point of the story. Dilute that aspect, and you would have nothing but vanilla mush.
I read this novel as satire, not as a work of philosophical meaning. The way you perceive the story comes down to perspective. The baggage you take into the journey will affect your perspective. Ultimately, Bridget is fictional and she becomes likeable because she is flawed and extremely unlucky.
This, for me, is light reading and should be taken as such.
It is satire after all.
The good thing these days is that you can read a little of the Amazon 'Look Inside' free feature and decide if it's for you.
Personally, I believe that the film was better for once. Not by much, though. But, I did see the movie first which may have affected my point of view.
Sergiu Pobereznic (author)
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