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Reviewed in Australia on 10 December 2018
My dears, I love the Kindle. I still have the original and it works beautifully. I figured it was about time I upgraded.

The Kindle itself had me really excited. It is smaller than my current and not compatible with my old case but it has 32 GBs of memory and the responsiveness is much, MUCH improved.

Unfortunately it was shipped with the wrong cable. I am honestly gobsmacked how that was managed because it's not like the proper cable is hard to get a hold of. It even looks like the right cable. But it doesn't fit in the charge port and I certainly hope I haven't damaged the port on my brand new product.

I'll be asking for a proper charge cable, but you lose major points when half of what you ship with your product is wrong. You lose more points when such an omission could mean users have to go out and buy a cable or have to wait for you to ship it.

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