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Customer Review

20 June 2017
Ace and Shu are caught up in the mystery and history of Egypt while trying to keep in Isis’ good graces. I love the volatile and dynamic relationship between Ace and Shu. It is founded on hate and the need for survival as they have been bound together for centuries. They know each other too well to try to hide anything from each other. Shu easily sees through Aces lies and calls him out on it frequently. She does her best to keep him alive, even if it is only to save her own hide.

***If we weren’t cursed together, I’d steal a bus just to run you down and grind your lifeless carcass into the asphalt. ***

Ms DaCosta’s creative and vibrant writing brought Egypt to life in my mind. I have never been there, but I could see it clearly with the crowds of tourists, the endless sands, the ancient Pyramids and their magnificent history. I could feel the magic and the atmosphere, and vividly pictured the lush glorious splendour of the past that Ace remembered in comparison to the noisy polluted city with its barren ruins of today.

This was one hell of ride that left me in shock as revelations about Ace’s past are revealed. And what a conclusion! Ms DaCosta never ceases to surprise me and keep me guessing.

I need the next book right now!
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5.0 out of 5 stars