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Reviewed in Australia on 8 November 2019
Talia's Bodyguard
Talia and her family are all necromancers - and certainly not popular. Her father is about to become a councilor, which will mean that what she is will become public knowledge, and her father decides she needs protection. He hires Janos, a bipedal were wolf to guard her. Janos hates necromancers, but will he be able to resist the beautiful girl who has been placed in his care? And although Talia definitely doesnt want a body guard, will she be able to fight the attraction? What will happen when her family is attacked, and she finds she has been betrayed by one of the few people she trusts? Loved it, and cant wait to read more about his family.
Rosen's Bodyguard
Rosen's family have all been targeted by assassins - her sister Talia was attacked at her University by a friend, Rosen and her father had been targeted in a car crash, and Rosen had been badly hurt. So the Police Dpt that employed her has decided that she needs a body guard. Albert is assigned to her - and he is a real hottie! But Rosen is already in a relationship with James.
When she is given an assignment that turns out to be extremely dangerous, will Albert be able to save her? What will happen the the feelings floating between them?
Morgana's Bodyguard
Morgana has been offered a job by her sister, which is going to be dangerous - but the pay would make it worthwhile. She will be working with Rosen and the Police Department.
Theon is assigned to her as a body guard - and is not happy when she looks so much like young client that he failed to protect years ago. However, he too needs the money to support his mother and siblings. Will they be able to find the old bones that have been stolen? And will they be able to stop the dead fights where spirits are forced to fight each other - being a necromancer is bad enough, with public opinion against them, without people defiling the spirits in this way.
What will happen between Morgana and Theon? Will they give in to the feeling building between them?
Ellie's Bodyguardo
Mason has been Ellie's body guard since she was 9 years old. Her father has taught her t fight in the Dead Rings, using old spirits to battle each other. When Morgana and the police work a sting against them, and the ring is closed down, Ellie decides that she truly oes want to escape - and runs to her friend Talia for help. She decides to turn informant, and tells Rosen all that she knows of the inner workings of the circles. Mason follws her, and is again employed as her body guard - but will her father let her go? Or will he try to kill them both? Will the police department be able to keep her safe? Mason i her best friend, and Ellie doesnt want him hurt.

I loved that each story in this series could be read as a stand alone, but the threads carry them through to each other - loved it!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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