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Reviewed in Australia on 19 May 2018
Pippa Grant brings us another fun and laugh filled story in Beauty and the Beefcake. There is so much I liked about this book. Loki, the emotional support monkey is back, Felicity’s friends are a hoot, the writing has plenty of funny quips, banter and dialogue. There’s also a serious vein running throughout as neither Ares or Felicity are taken seriously. Their exteriors may be silly and carefree but under the surface there are deep wells of emotion and thoughts.

I cannot pinpoint why but I admit I did struggle with this book. At times, I found Ares’ abruptness and lack of speech frustrating, but then I’d read his inner thoughts and be incredibly touched. Felicity was a great heroine but her ventriloquism act was a bit freaky, no matter how cute the characters are, and Felicity’s were sweet. It’s not overly long in comparison to Pippa’s other books, so I can’t say it dragged. The writing style is similar, so it’s not that either.

There was so much that I liked. Yet there is that pesky ‘but’ that stops me from liking it as much as Pippa Grant’s other books. I am chalking this one up as an “It’s not you, it’s me” situation and will look forward to the next Pippa Grant book.
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4.8 out of 5
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