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13 July 2019
I had my Wii connected to my 4K TV through component cables, but like most TVs these days I had to use the supplied component adaptors that connect through 3.5mm jacks and the picture was terrible. Bleeding colors and blurriness among other problems and I figured even a bad HDMI adaptor would be an improvement. I tried to research these adaptors before buying one because there are so many different listings and I didn't want to end up with a cheap one that was going to break. So after combing through them all I decided on this one and so far I'm quite pleased. The fit and finish and overall construction of the unit is higher quality than many of the others. The plastic doesn't feel cheap and the pieces fit together we'll. The difference in picture quality is what really blew me away. Most people will not notice a huge difference, especially if they have actual component inputs on their TV instead of the 3.5mm adaptors. The Wii is incapable of outputting a true HD 1080p so this small adaptor is not going to change that. So if you are purchasing this because you think it's going to make your Wii look like a PS3, you will be sorely disappointed. If however you are in a similar situation to mine and have realistic expectations, then I highly recommend this Wii HDMI converter.
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