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Customer Review

17 April 2019
Since the beginning of this series Baxter Samuel Goddard V, a.k.a. God, has had my attention. Through the first four books God was the epitome of is name ... he lived, "loved" and behave to excess. Did he really though? Or was this just a facade he wore? Where did he go when he would just suddenly disappear?

GLUTTONY would definitely have to be my favourite of the series, so far. It doesn't seem to be travelling along the same timeline as the previous four books, so therefore there is no unnecessary rehashing of prior story lines ... in this book everything is brand new. Of course god still receives his Elite task, one that is so much easier than previous ones. However, nothing goes as planned and everything he knows changes.

Zemira Coleman hasn't had an easy life. Raised in orphanages, she has had to struggle for everything she has. She studies hard to maintain her grades and works even harder just to maintain her meagre lifestyle. However, her life is dramatically altered one fatal night.

God and Zemira are totally perfect for each other. Zemira brings out a side of God which I totally did not expect, a tender nurturing side. It is obvious that God truly cares for her. Zemira is a wonderful foil for God, she's sweet, kind and doesn't care about his wealth, but she does feel for him.

This book was 'unputdownable', even in the early morning hours. I absolutely adored the ending, even though it was not anywhere near what I imagined. Brilliant is the only way to describe it. Now bring on SLOTH, this man is really a mystery.

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4.7 out of 5 stars