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Reviewed in Australia on 8 October 2021
Originally I purchased Google Chrome but after finding out I couldn’t use it with my HotSpot unless I also have my laptop plugged in to use, I immediately returned it and bought this instead.
The Start Up took a little while with all the updates and waiting and loading but once it was ready, it took like 1 minute to set up.
There are a phenomenal amount of apps to choose from, all are simple to login too.
I did have one small hiccup, and that was getting the volume control to work.
It took 6 attempts to get it working BUT IT DID END UP WORKING!
I have tried to get Alexa to work a few times and it hasn’t yet, maybe I need to try it a few more different ways but tbh it isn’t essential to use the device to begin with so I’m not really fussed on whether or not it works.
I haven’t had any trouble with loading, lagging, crashing or anything else!
Besides the minor remote issue with the volume that took a few attempts to correct, it was smooth as heck to set up and start using!
I’m going to enjoy this.
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