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7 December 2018
This is really strange, because this rating started off as a 3 and went to a 2 and a half as I was writing and thinking of what I wanted to say. So why did this happen? Well here goes--and I'm only trying to be honest here, so please sheath the claws, I know some dedicated fans get a little rabid.
1: World building: Although we did have a bit of an information dump at the start, I didn't mind in the slightest. I honestly liked the authors take on the world where our hero lived, and because we got the lowdown at the very beginning I could "picture" his life and world more clearly from the get go. LOVED the world building as it's easy to "see" what the author wanted you to.
2: Characters: Now here we have a little bit of a let down-FOR ME. Although our hero started out great, and I immediately empathised with him, that quickly changed. It was over -for me - as soon he turned into my worst nightmare - a Mary Sue - he simply could do no wrong, and obviously had a photographic memory, and was an expert at, well, pretty much everything, yada, yada, yada. If you haven't guessed yet, I HATE Mary Sues with a vengence. They should all die hideously--- something involving getting eaten alive by a business of rabid ferrets. Personally, I like characters to have to work for their prize, and if they suffer a little by doing that, then that's all for the better. I want to see them "grow".
3: The secondary characters: No growth whatsoever, what could have been a fun enjoyable group became just back-ups to the Mary Sue and what he was doing. And that was a real pity as they had some great potential.
4: 80'S Nostalgia: Whilst I have to admit, I enjoyed all the references at first ( I grew up in the 80's after all). I really started to get a bit aggravated (well pi$$ed of to the extreme if I'm honest) every time something was mentioned .... like say he made a reference to Liven On A Prayer, it would be Liven On A Prayer by Glam Metal Band, Bon Jovi, from their Slippery When Wet album that was released in 1986 on the Mercury Label, etc,etc,etc. After the initial references I started to become a little peeved because the book started to sound like an add for the 80's, and although I had one hell of a good time then (from the bits I still remember ;D ), it actually started to distract from the story. It was just way, way to overdone - for my tastes.
Finally 5: Actual story: The story itself could have been great fun, it had the potential to be a wonderful adventure because of a really cool premise, but, FOR ME, it was ruined by the all of the annoyances listed above. Sorry to all the fans out there, but I'm just not one, and although I didn't loathe it, I didn't really like it either. For me it's more of a 2 and a half.
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