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5 April 2017
Absolutely loved this latest book from Shari Low. 'A life without You' opens with an unexpectedly tragic event that took my breath away, and continued to play on my emotions through reading it... leaving me crying, laughing and just pondering my own life - because who knows what fate has in store for us.

From the tragic first chapter the entire story navigates around a family and friends that are coming to terms with the tragic death of Dee, who even in memories of her, was clearly larger than life, and full of laughter and love.

The main living character is Jen - Dee's best friend. She is part of the family, as Dee's parents have been surrogate parenting Jen since their teens. Jen and Dee were barely ever parted joined at the hip at work, at home & even with their husbands.

Then there is Val, Dee's mum, who is bereft and angry, and there are some moments of absolutely almost madness from her that if it weren't for the circumstances would be hilarious.

The other perspective we get is from Luke - who is now widowed and no idea what to do as he has lost the love of his life, but with almost indecent speed he already has offers if he is lonely...

This book is about everything we can relate to grief, friendship, family and relationships, fantastic characters. Although there is a great deal of emotion in this book, there are also humorous moments, in addition to hope for these characters given time. Read this and I guarantee you won't be able to put it down.
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