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18 July 2019
A.G Riddle is back and in fine form, proving why he is one of the top science fiction and thriller writers to watch!

Not unlike his previous trilogy The Solar War suffers from being overly long and at times drags as it tries to justify itself in the middle of two stories.

However, Riddle succeeds in humanizing every moment of the narrative, making this second entry almost more of a drama/Saga than anything else.
Where Winter World was disjointed between Space and Earth- Polarising the story in half as almost two differant things, book 2 is almost 100% set on Earth and builds on many of the previously established relationships and tensions.
While Riddle has a good grasp of space,science and other worlds, the most contentious part of this book is the conciet of the "big bad" and AI/Intelligences in general. This was the weakest part of the ending to some of his previous books and the omnipotent snarky Matrix like AI just doesn't stick. Perhaps because it reminded me of the woeful Ultron in the Marvel movies but: "Conservation of energy" just doesn't fly and feels like a lazy explanation for a highly evolved and dangerous enemy.
Why Arthur doesn't just snap the neck of every living being left on Earth and move on makes no sense, his superior physical body at odds with his actions and motivations. But then some of the actions early on the book could have been solved much more simply given such an advanced artifical intelligence exists within the narrative

Riddle does seem to dance around these issues and assumes this is just how things are while also effortlessly plowing ahead with the creation and design of incredible advances in human technology.

The Solar War is a sweeping novel that continues well past its conclusion and Riddle is quick to address there is another Novella on the way.
In truth the last 10% of the book on Eos could have been the start of the third story splitting these two stories more evenly but as it is, the need for another book is self evident as there are too many unanswered questions.

The Solar War is a wonderful personal journey about the last days of mankind and their will survive and evolve past their own limitations.

For those who like a strong dose of existencialism
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